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Gin and zesty lemon shaken and strained over crushed ice, topped with an Autumn like trickle of Crème de Mure.


Vodka, Contrieau and Fresh lime shaken with a splash of Cranberry Juice, it’s perfectly pink yet pleasantly sharp.


Strawberry, Peach, Melon, Passion Fruit, Bubble Gum, Coconut

Gin & Juice

Gin and Elderflower Liqueur topped off with Apple Juice, made for the summer!


An intense blend of white and dark rum combined with several fruity flavours – a tropical treat!

Long Island Iced Tea

Five white spirits –gin, tequila, triple sec, vodka and white rum- shaken with fresh lemon and layered over pepsi, a little bit of everything.


Tequila, Triple Sec and fresh lime shaken together then strained – bursting with citrusy flavour.


A delicious blend of white rum, fresh mint leaves and lime topped off with soda, delightfully refreshing!

Old Fashioned

A potent concoction of whisky and orange bitters – strong, aromatic and completely vintage.

Pina Colada

Straight from Puerto Rico – Malibu and White Rum blended with Coconut Puree, Pineapple Juice and a splash of cream

White Russian

Smooth and sensual, Vodka shaken with Baileys and Kahlua, poured over ice then topped with cream.

Woo Woo

Long, flirty and fun! Vodka and archers is mixed with Strawberry Puree and Cranberry juice to make the prefect start to a night out.


Bitters, Lemon and Sugar mixed with a spirit of your choice, tasty and tangy!







Peach Schnapps and Peach Puree topped with crisp prosecco.

English Summer

Elderflower Liqueur and a dash of Apple Juice topped with sparkling prosecco.

French 75

Zesty and revitalising, gin, lemon juice and sugary syrup topped with prosecco.

Kir Royale

Subtle and sophisticated, Crème de Cassis topped with prosecco.


Espresso Martini

Espresso, Kahlua and Vodka, shaken with ice and finely strained, perfect for coffee lovers.

Porn Star Martini

Passoa, Vodka, Passion Fruit Puree and a dash of Orange, shaken, strained then served with a sparkling shot of prosecco.

Strawberry Martini

Gin, Martini Rosso, Triple Sec and Lemon shaken with Strawberry Puree – fruity and flavoursome.


Electric Margarita

A creative twist on the traditional Margarita – Tequila, Malibu and Blue Curacao fused with fresh lime then shaken.

Strawberry & Elderflower Mojito

A classic Mojito shaken with Elderflower Liqueur and fresh strawberries, topped off with lemonade.

Melon Crush

Vodka, Watermelon Puree, Fresh Mint and lime, shaken then strained over crushed ice.

Tokoyo Iced Tea

Midori, White rum, gin, tequila, triple sec and kiwi puree, shaken then layered with lemonade


Spiced Rum, white rum, dark rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, passion fruit puree, grenadine, orange and pineapple garnish


Your Mojito

Fresh Lime, Mint Leaves and a fruit puree of your choice shaken with crushed ice and topped off with lemonade.

Virgin Daiquiri

A fruit puree of your choice blended with ice and fresh lime.

Elderflower Sherbert

Elderflower shaken with Lemon Puree and Apple Juice, topped off with soda.

Soft Pornstar

Passion Fruit Puree shaken with Orange Juice and Lemon, served with a shot of lemonade.


La Pharmacie

Vodka, Archers, Midori, Blue Curacao shaken with Peach Puree, Orange and Pineapple Juice.

Medicine Bug

Vodka, Midori, Amaretto and Banana Puree shaken with Pineapple Juice.

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